Promotion design of art event at NDSM area Amsterdam
client: Atelier van Lieshout + Stichting NDSM

Ferrotopia is a project by Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout. His paradise of steel is filled with his work and programmed with workshops. From April on he crashed the NDSM area with a big shed and his new and disruptive piece The Dominator that was rejected at a big art show in Paris. The somewhat erotic works are appreciated in Amsterdam and can be seen until December 2018.

For the campaign image we asked Joep to cut or burn a big F out of a steel plate. This front or frame was used as a base for all imagery; from posters, adds and online material.

The F on the cover of the program booklet and on the A6 flyers are lasered out and look like a miniature version of the original steel plate.

cut out F A6 flyers


Joep van Lieshout on the right. On the left museum director Wim Pijbes

The Dominator