Amsterdam Museum 2015

Amsterdam Museum asked us to do the campaign for their upcoming exhibition and after the first briefing we were asked to design this exhibition as well due to our graffiti background. We were able to add personal content and during the process we were able to add two extra spaces. The additional exhibition – curated by Aileen Middel aka Mickey – had its focus on the early start of graffiti in Amsterdam (fertilized by the New York scene) until around 1987. We gained the opportunity to extend this with later work visualized a subway tunnel and an 'exhibition space' displaying current work of two Dutch Kings: Shoe and Delta. These idols were very cooperative and worked with us to finish of the concept. Walking through the entire show we offered a tour where you were able to see the current 'street art' / 'Krakerscene' Amsterdam / 70's and 80's New York artists and subways / the Gallery / Ganzenhoef / the crew space / Hide out / the Bench / Waterloo / the tunnel / Shoe and Delta.

We had a great collaboration and learned a lot from experienced exhibition designer Ilona Laurrijse.

The campaign image was a simple black spray can with a tonal print of the first spread of Delta's blackbook. The poster design was ment to reposition the Museum that recently changed their name. Always know as the 'Amsterdam historical' hardly anyone knew the Amsterdam Museum and its whereabouts. The poster as an Amsterdam flag helped the people to relocate it and gained the needed awareness.