Paradi50 campaign

promotion design of exhibition 50 jaar Paradiso / 50 years Paradiso

Amsterdam Museum / Paradiso

When we started with the concept fase of the exhibition 50 years Paradiso we came up with the name Paradi50 as a working title. This name was picked up by Paradiso and it was already live before we knew it. The Amsterdam Museum decided to stay with a more formal title. #Paradi50 started out as a social media campaign and we used it on the print campaign too as we did the outdoor campaign as well. The main image we chose was one of the 50 year old pictures of Adri Hazevoet showing the Paradiso building from street view. We reconstructed the image with Max, a girl currently working at the Paradiso.
Inside the exhibition you can find another reconstruction of an old picture, the crowd in front of the pop temple redone by all the people we could find in the building that day.

We used the same method of paper tapes on the pictures to display the info as we did in the exhibition design. We tried a new direction with this assignment and didn't know what to expect or how it would work. But we are pleased with the result.