Wijksafari maakt School

Adelheid & Zina / Theatre & Dance Academy / 2017

Dutch actrice / director and artist Adelheid Roosen (nearly 30 years teacher at the Theatre & Dance Academy Amsterdam) produces a theatre project called The Wijksafari (neighborhood safari). After a few editions Adelheid introduces the Wijksafari in the North of Amsterdam this year. 10 of Adelheid's students are invited to live several weeks with inhabitants (the certain adoption parents) of the Banne and Floradorp. They will all plan and write a play and perform these in the homes of the inhabitants. Audience tours will be held during the summer and 20 odd people are invited in the houses per scene. They will travel per bike to a few houses a day and get back together at a meeting point.

We captured the process of Adelheid, the inhabitants and the students with photography and re-photography finishing the campaign with Adelheid's handwriting.