130 years of KNVB
client: KNVB / partner: Wefilm

The 130th anniversary of the KNVB will be celebrated through the lens of Dutch amature football. Together with Wefilm we produced a campaign to collect all the Dutch football shirts to be able to film, exhibit and preserve them at the KNVB headquarters in Zeist. The challenge was to convince all clubs (around 2500 in Holland) to give their shirt. So we made a special edition KNVB 130 years shirt to swap with at the door. About a 100 volunteers went to all the clubs to 'swap shirts' with a person at the club.

The special Orange shirt (click here) designed with a pattern that contained all the Dutch shirt designs you can find. We research all the clubs of Holland and analyzed the shapes and forms to come out with 25 different ones, disregarding color. The pattern then was used on all the materials needed, like the box, back side of the letter, promotional material, etc. The respons of the clubs in Holland was enormous as we received more than we hoped for, around 2200 shirts. They were all used in the final video and we are now archiving them to make a exhibition and publication. The video above is a promotional video about the project. The final one will follow soon.